Hey! I am JAC, and JAC is me....Jordan Andrew Cowdery, and I’m from Philadelphia. Do you remember “penny candy”? Once a week I would grab my 100 president Abrahams, with my hands feeling gritty and smelling like copper, I’d walk across the street from home to the neighborhood store to buy penny candy. Each time before making my visit, I would count out the pennies that my mom gave me to be sure that I had enough to pay for my vision. The store owner and I were well acquainted due to my consistent visits. Without adding them up, he’d take my money, and then grab a hand full of gummie bears and plop them into a brown paper sandwich bag. When I got home I counted out each gummie bear, and without fail, except once, I had 150 to 200 gummie bears. I sold some of the candy to friends at school. Eagerly, they purchased the product with a moderate markup fee. There’s a cost to doing business, right? I gave my friends exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it, and how they wanted it. That made them happy, and that’s what I desired most. From that time forward, I realized something very special. By financial prudence, ethical work, and genuine care, everyone could win and should win - the store owner, school friends, and myself. After a more few visits, the store owner never again gave me more gummies than what I had in pennies - he wised up;)


In 1991, the Chicago Bulls basketball team had been in the playoffs. While peeled to the television during the commercials of the game, Michael Jordan was featured in a couple of them, and so were his “Promised Land” shoes. After 2 or 3 commercials, I rendered a 2D pattern for a 3D object. Using scissors, tape, a black marker, real shoe laces, and my sketch, days later I turned my drawing into an actual shoe fitting to my foot size. A few days later, my mom and I planned to run a couple of errands. To my amazement, she made the financial sacrifice and bought me my first pair of Air Jordan’s. Not simply to appease, but to encourage me. Words couldn’t describe my happiness! I went on to own many pairs of Air Jordans over time. This moment taught me to commit in making a bold move, work at it, remain focused, wait, and in time, my hopes will come to past. 


Taking action on what you believe is incredibly powerful! However, that belief must be accompanied with a thorough strategy. It’s not about knowing the future, but more so about planning for it. Using my talents in a very strategic way have always caused me to prosper. No matter how small or great your vision, it can only go the distance that your faith and dedication will stretch. This is the energy that continuously gets creative entreprenuers like you and I out of the bed in the morning, ready to leap our next hurdle. Since childhood, I learned that faith and actionable planning can actually manifest dreams. But what I didn’t understand until young adulthood, is that in serving to fulfill the dreams others, this is how must fulfill my own. Teamwork does what? Make the dream work!


The landscape of entreprenuership is changing daily, all the while, brick and mortar business are crumbing more than in time past. Adjusting to this new climate isn’t easy for most, especially when a large part of a company’s purpose is to provide a real-world experience rather than a digital one. Based upon recent marketplace trends, those businesses who find a way to simultaneously serve people physically and digitally, do exceedingly better than those who are imbalanced regarding those two realities. This is why as an artist I’ve decided to focus my efforts on others like myself who need help adjusting to the new culture both creatively and financially. Sometimes we creatives can be so focused on one aspect of business, that we unintentionally ignore other critical areas of our company. But with like-minded relationships and instant resources, we can get the help we need, and when we need them.


The world of entreprenuership is a massive one, and even larger than a decade ago. This means that people are increasingly investing in themselves and those around them like never before. So instead of only competing against each other, we should also build relationships in order to leverage one anothers abilities and resources. Things get done much faster and efficient when smart and creative people are joined hand-in-hand. As we work to serve others on the highest level, my hope is that JACMOVE can continue to partner with many other like-minded individuals and businesses as yourself, who want to provide exceptional value from the market place.