The Mobile Office And How To Profit With It

The Mobile Office isn’t a new trend or the future, it’s now. Think about it. How much digital content do you really consume on a stationary device versus a mobile one? Of course, mobile wins! Most likely you’ve paid or are paying well over $350 for you mobile device, now lets discuss how to profit with it.
You’ve probably heard by now of the price tag of Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone X. Not long after the it’s debut, I watched Tim Cook in an interview with Bloomberg, boast of how he believes the iPhone X is a bargain. Well, that struck the nerves of many. Over the past few months, I’ve seen comment after comment on blog sites saying, “I will not pay $1,000 for a phone.”, and about how ridiculously priced the iPhone X is. Problem is, the iPhone began as a phone, when in reality, it has become a high powered mobile computer that happens to be a phone. So no, you’re not simply paying for a phone, but rather much more than that depending upon how you use it no matter which kind of smart phone it is.

The Business of Mobility to Sociability

I don’t know about you, but I don’t “surf the Internet” nearly as much as I do social media. Grant it, I’m not on either for the sake of constant consuming for consuming sake. I’d rather be learning or building something - that’s what primarily what I use my mobile devices for. Speaking of social media, it seems to have taken a large chunk of what the World Wide Web represents. Instagram has recently confirms to TechCrunch  that it’s testing an option that lets you share public feed posts from other users to your Story.
“This could let you add commentary and overlaid stickers to a meme, celebrity post or even a friend’s photo. For users whose lives aren’t so interesting, resharing could give them something to post.” - TechCrunch
You may not have this feature available just yet on your IG profile, but it’s a good tool to expand the variety of content to your base. In the mean time, you can use the Repost app. While Instagram isn’t the leadingJanuary 2018, it’s growing and ranks 7th worldwide, with over 800 million users according to Statista.com. Even though the position seems inferior, the growth isn’t with regards to young millennials. In fact, a growth chart on Makeuseof.com reveals how the younger consumer is migrating from Facebook to Instagram for the purposes of real-time communication centered around more curated interests than Facebook provides.
Getting the attention of the younger faction of consumers has gotten a little easier with the social media management platform, Hootsuite. The company has recently afforded its users the ability schedule IG posts directly from the Hootsuite dashboard. Though you’d like to post organically, scheduling posts can prove to be incredibly helpful when running your own operation from you phone, and not much time to spare.
Shooting video and photos with a high quality mobile device helps with engaging social onlookers. The better the quality, the better the engagement.
YouTube finishes the month out in second place to Facebook in January 2018, with over 1.5 billion active monthly users. Eventually, many experts predict that audio will overtake video consumption, but it won’t render video content obsolete. This is another platform to really get your voice out there to promote your brand and/or cause. With all of the photo and video filters and editing software, you can make professional looking videos in very little time, effort and resources. This is another area where the high quality smart phone become a bargain. If you have any type of relatable experience, you can promote around it right from your mobile device. However, monetization on YouTube will be a bit more difficult as of late because the Silicon Valley company now requiring that all YouTubers garner at least 1,000 views and 100 subscribers to their channel before payout. But, with some dedication, it’s certainly obtainable.
Designers of websites, apps, and many other online connected services are marketing their user interface desiring to cater to the portrait mode of smart phones because over 63% percent of internet usage occurs by way of the smart phone. Mobiles devices are beginning to seem less expensive when looking at the opportunity and return on investment.

Looking Forward

Google announced today that it will launch Olympic-themed features across their search services. Additional information will appear at the top of Google Search results after being triggered by various keywords and search terms. Furthermore, Google will connect users to live video, VR video, plus Google Earth and Street View imagery related to the Winter Games. Beginning tomorrow, February 8, 2018, search results will provide select Olympic Winter Games video highlights from official Olympic broadcasters on YouTube. In the spirit of cord-cutting, YouTube TV, will stream live coverage of the Olympics. VR coverage is also available for YouTube TV subscribers, with over 50 hours of NBC’s live video coverage.
As you can see, multibillion dollar companies are heavily investing in mobile of all forms and types. If you have anything worth sharing and monetizing, you should ride the wave as well. As Artificial Intelligence germinates, you will need to have a sustainable plan to earn income with time and location freedom. Recent trends prove that automated and AI tech will exponentially increase in a short amount of time.

The New Business Education

Be advised, no matter the amount of tools at your disposal, you’ll need education of some sort in order to make the most of those resources. So be sure to follow tastemakers of the future in the areas of mobility, sustainability, creativity, and business. But don’t stop there! Mirror what they do, apply it, and find out what works for you. Your office is now in your pocket, and this is what Google, Apple, and Samsung understand. This why they can attach the high price tag to their devices. Reality is, you don’t need as much as initially believed. The cost of your office is built into the price of your mobile device, and the sooner that you find out how to leverage the tech, the quicker and more sustainably you’ll profit from it. Otherwise, a $1,000 phone is too expensive if profit isn’t made with it.

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