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We Empower Creatives Of The Future. 
Many analog businesses will become obsolete as mankind seeks to build a more sustainable future that’s non-reliant upon wasteful resources and methods. Here at JACmove, our mission is to promote simple, but viable entrepreneurship that sparks technological creativity through relevant and impactful education. We firmly believe that equipping today’s visionary will help design a connected platform for producing high quality content and products, as well as individually enabling location, financial, and time freedom.

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Why The Attention Economy Beats Impressions

Ever heard of the saying, “The numbers don’t lie”? Well, they kind of do and kind of don’t. When it comes to marketing, measurement of the Attention Economy should be talked about over how many impressions certain content garners. And unfortunately, the entire marketing world is obsessed with impressions. But not you, of course;) Tens […]

Digital Heroin: Are You Hooked?

Digital Heroin: Are You Hooked?

Has Silicon Valley offered a new type of drug called Digital Heroin? More importantly, are you hooked? Let me begin by stating that technology can be very sustainable and effective servant to mankind, long as that’s the end goal. A study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine conducted by Dr. Kenneth Hansraj , […]


The Mobile Office And How To Profit With It

The Mobile Office isn’t a new trend or the future, it’s now. Think about it. How much digital content do you really consume on a stationary device versus a mobile one? Of course, mobile wins! Most likely you’ve paid or are paying well over $350 for you mobile device, now lets discuss how to profit […]